Vemo and EUHRCP

We just kicked off the annual survey process for the Electric Utility HR Community of Practice (EUHRCP).  At the close of 2012, Vemo was selected to run the annual benchmarking survey for the EURHCP community of practice, which consists of approximately 40 major electric utilities.  Our mission is to lend our leading workforce analytics expertise to take a great industry-specific survey and make it even better – as well as provide a scorecard that allows each organization to compare themselves at a glance to other participating utilities.  This scorecard is easy to download and share, and we can see it circulating all over the executive suites at EURHCP members, because it provides the type of information that executives would like to manage their respective workforces more effectively.

To learn more about this, go to  If you are an electric utility, this is a must-do opportunity – not only to get such valuable benchmarking data annually, but to belong to a rich community of practice.


The scorecard looks great. Vemo is taking the value of the EUHRMG membership to new level.
Thank you Kim and Peter.

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