Vemo provides Human Resources the ability to conduct highly effective strategic workforce planning and financial forecasting, workforce analytics, predictive studies, and workforce reporting. 


We offer cloud-based software so you can quickly access, manage and share information at any time.  Our solution is infused with best-practice content and advanced predictive technology, to ensure your organization is focusing on the right metrics, has reliable forecasts and can conduct valuable what-if analysis on its future workforce.


We recognize that Workforce Planning and Analytics are complex fields, so we offer expert consulting services and thought-leadership to ensure that your workforce planning and analytics projects will be successful and will be integral to your organization’s overall HR offering. We power strategic HR.

Forecast your future talent
Analyze retention attrition retirement mobility and more
The depth and perspective vemo provides helps you see your organizations strengths and weaknesses - and gives you the ability to manage both.

We offer two types of service: Subscription and Consulting Services. With Subscription Service, you get direct access to our software. Vemo's Consulting Service puts our team to work for your team.

Fully assess our workforce planning and analtytics capabilities by scheduling an online demo. 


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