Silos Belong On Farms

You understand the value of having integrated data to enable data-driven decisions, but you are running into several roadblocks that continue to hinder progress. Compartmentalization of data, lack of internal analytical skills, and general skepticism in the minds of key stakeholders are some of the common barriers that keep your analytics initiative in the “not now” category. You see the value of bringing data together, but often find data that is cordoned off or difficult to access, let alone analyze. Within many organizations, there is a growing intolerance and drive to change the “silo” data culture and a shift to make data not only readily accessible, but also integrated for anytime anal

Turnover Metrics and Beyond

We have seen a ton of interest in our approach to turnover and retention driver analysis. Our customers are realizing all the value and insight that turnover metrics provide but they are also able to move beyond metrics to driver analysis that is truly actionable. One capability of our analytics tool allows customers to discover what the primary drivers of turnover are and then explore different intervention type scenarios to determine the best possible course of action. Organizations are finding this analysis capability particularly useful when applied to critical talent. Turnover driver analysis of high performers and employees who have critical job skills is just one area where companies

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