Predictive Analytics - See the future of your organization

From elections to sporting events to the stock market, you can find countless opinions on what the future will bring. But without supporting data, any opinion is nothing more than an educated guess. How do you go from a guess to a prediction? By using data to inform decisions about the future. Predictive analytics allows you to discover, analyze and act on data. It’s about learning from the past to uncover trends and predict likely outcomes, but that’s not all. Predictive analytics gives you a framework to analyze data over time, leading to more refined outcomes and countless opportunities for improvement. With an uncertain talent outlook on the horizon, using data to create a coherent view

Singin' In The Rain

Getting an HR analytics initiative off the ground can be a truly daunting task. If you are like most companies you have found plenty of people who gladly offer a plethora of “rain on your parade” reasons why your initiative will stall-out or fail. Here are a few great reasons to implement an enterprise workforce planning and analytics tool that will have you Singin’ In The Rain. #1 Predicting Demand One of our customers wanted to staff more effectively. We integrated several data sources and used our solution to apply statistics in a comprehensive multi-dimensional way. This allowed the company to predict a clear future and plan accurately. Prior to implementing Vemo solutions the company wa

Benchmarking & What-If Analysis

Benchmarking Metric Benchmarking can be a great way to compare your metrics to industry best practices, however accessing relevant benchmarking data for you industry is not always easy to obtain or broadly available for every industry. Most enterprise organizations are big enough to benchmark against themselves and with our Analytics tool they can do just that. Internal benchmarking is one of our key capabilities and customers are finding internal comparisons to be highly valuable and effective. If you are a company that has similar business units, branches, or divisions, internal comparisons offer significant insight. Take turnover comparisons by performance ranking, for example. You could

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