Building Momentum for Analytics

Identifying ways to improve the business by applying analytics can be a tricky business. If you are like most enterprise organizations the number of business problems that would be good candidates for workforce analytics are endless. That is why it is critical to get some input and consensus from leaders as to which problems would be timely to focus on. If you take the time to sit down with leaders to find out what the top three business problems facing the organization are, it can translate into momentum and increased buy-in with analytics. Here are some ways to get your analytics initiative off the ground. An area of concern that is mission critical to the business, a business objective th

Aligning HR and Finance

Financial ramifications are not always on the forefront when it comes to HR decisions, but increasingly HR is realizing prominence at the decision table is enhanced when financial implications are fully taken into account. The tools that are now available can seamlessly model the financial impact of decisions while key HR issues are addressed. Ideas and actions can be supported with smart visualizations that communicate the operational cost associated with the measures proposed. Being able to deliver analysis and metrics that the business is familiar with can greatly increase the likelihood of adoption. When HR makes resource decisions the total cost or return is typically not determined unt

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