Are You Utilizing Predictive Analytics?

Now that people analytics has established a firm foothold within world’s top companies, most HR professionals are convinced of its promise. However, as the technology evolves rapidly, misperceptions abound. One such misperception is particularly prevalent: many practitioners overlook the subtle distinction between building and utilizing predictive models. Building reliable predictive models is a difficult task that requires substantial expertise. Historical data must be accessed and prepared. Interesting patterns must be identified and scrutinized for statistical reliability. Some HR departments become so absorbed in this task that they mistake it for an end in itself. They overlook the fact

Building Talent Within

Organizations are placing more emphasis on their build-from-within strategies as part of their overall approach to talent. Moreover, they are discovering the critical importance of identifying, retaining, and developing high-potential and high-performing employees. In many cases organizations are facing low talent availability, expensive onboarding, and extensive training periods to get new hires up to speed. To address this organizations are optimizing the management of high potential and high performer pipelines, providing a clear upward mobility path to save both time and money. Building talent from within not only makes sense fiscally, it is also known to be a strong internal retention d

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